Trip Report: The Comfy Run – Conclusion

Seattle to San Francisco
Aloft San Francisco Airport
San Francisco to Atlanta
Atlanta to Newark
Fairfield Inn & Suites Newark
Newark to Minneapolis
Minneapolis to San Francisco
San Francisco to Seattle

This trip though seemingly was meant to be a comfortable one, by the end of Sunday night I was about ready to murder people. I was tired, cranky and bored and I just wanted to get home and sleep. Totally different to how I ended my Dallas run, and it was in economy!

I got a lot out of this trip, I have worked down my processes on booking/organising these runs. I have helped develop my choices and rules in regards to hotel stays etc. I even decided I need to get my butt back to Atlanta. But the main thing I got out of this run was the points.

Lets break it down. My United flights were credited to Aegean and got me the following:

SEA-SFO – 500 Points
SFO-SEA – 500 Points
Total – 1000 Points

Not much, but its better than nothing.

My Delta flights though… they earned big time:

SFO-ATL – 3209 Points & 80 Status Credits
ATL-EWR – 1118 Points & 40 Status Credits
EWR-MSP – 1512 Points & 60 Status Credits
MSP-SFO – 2384 Points & 80 Status Credits
Total – 8223 points & 260 Status Credits

That is well over the half of the 400 Status credits I need to requalify for the year. I am well and truly requalified now for 2013 and the awesome thing is I am stretching towards platinum. The only thing this trip did not get me was my minimum 4 segments with VA. This has been covered by my trip home in April.

Looking back at what I actually did and the reviews, I will have to say that Delta Skyclubs are far superior compared to United Clubs, that my experience comparing say premium check in and services between Delta & United is pretty much on par with each other (though the Delta Phone App still has a bit of work to go compared to United in keeping boarding passes active) and there is no real winner here. Onboard services looking at the two. I would say United is better for hot drinks with the bigger cups, Delta better for cold drinks and the free snacks (Untied gives you nothing). First class, well I only did Delta on this but compared to United. I would go with Delta.

The trip overall was a major success but I know a few things I will be doing in the future with these kinds of runs:

1. No layover Greater than 2 hours if possible
2. Try to pick hotels that are either close to food or have a restaurant on site
3. If less than 6 hours at a hotel, cheap and comfortable is ok.
4. Try to get back home at least before 10pm so I can get some sleeep!
5. Steer clear of the Trail mix and Chocolate coated pretzels

Comfy Run

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