Its about the people…

Aviation Geek Fest is over, I posted about it Monday, but there is still so many people talking about it and we are going to start the planning for 2014 soon enough. But one thing I keep seeing popping up over and over again when people talk about AGF is that they enjoyed meeting new people during the event or loved coming down to see people.

From Aviation Geek Fest 2013

It hits home to me that the Avgeek community (of which I am sure there are millions and millions world wide) in my experience is always so open and welcoming. I think the first thing that I saw of this was back in 2011 during my Round the World trip I met so many new people and of the Avgeeks I met they were all so fantastic. I got up into the Tower in Vancouver, went spotting in LAX & Vancouver with them. I also had dinner with a fellow Avgeek in London.

But it is amazing to know that even now AGF is bringing people together. I met a few of my Avgeek Twitter buddies and although I didn’t get to spend as much time I wanted with them (as I was working the events playing johnny on the spot) it was still great to catch up with them, talk shop and have a good time!

From Aviation Geek Fest 2013

It’s the allure of Aviation that brings people to the event, but it is the people that you meet, spend time with & get to know that keep you coming back. Sure we all want the big events with all the fun stuff like the factory tours, but getting the chance to sit down and have a coffee and a chat with someone, that’s what makes the weekend all the more amazing.

From Aviation Geek Fest 2013

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