First Day of the Year

New Years Eve I was a pansy, I will fully admit that. I piked out of watching the fireworks for spending time in my nice warm bed since it was cold outside. Yes that was a lame decision, but my warm sleepy body overruled spending time in the cold outdoors.

New Years Day though I awoke to what was going to be a fantastic day of sunshine! One thing that is sometimes rare to find is sunshine in winter in the PNW and the first day of 2013 did NOT dissapoint. In fact even though it was freezing cold outside (in the 40s but that did not include wind chill) it was mighty nice to have no rain, no cloud and just brilliant blue sky. I was going to take full advantage of it and get 2 things done.

1. Get up to Kerry Park and take some photos of the Skyline with the Space Needle
2. Spotting at SeaTac since Paine Field is shut down pretty much for the Xmas/NY break.

So that’s what I did, although I did #2 first and #1 on the way home. The weather held, I froze my butt off and the photos turned out pretty damn good if you ask me. The Kerry Park photos got a bonus with Mt Ranier in the background.

While the spotting photos were near perfection as they were landing on 16C and got some of the shots I was hoping for including Emirates, Korean and Lufthansa (though ANA was early… as usual).

From Seattle Spotting 2013
From Seattle Spotting 2013
From Seattle Spotting 2013
From Seattle Spotting 2013

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