Book Review: War of the Worlds

Managed to tick another book off my classics list.

War of the Worlds

This time it is War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells. This is a classic book if there ever was one. Dating way way back it is something you should probably have read on school, I just never did.

The book surprised me in a number of ways. First off let me say that if you have seen any movie in the past about War of the Worlds (and I’m not just talking about the Tom Cruise crap fest from a few years ago) you have no idea what the book is like. Sure the overall gist is the same, Martians invade earth,  but that’s it. Everything is had seen to this point always lead me to believe it was about Martians landing in the USA. Nope, in the book its actually London. That was the first shock. The second was just how the book flowed. It was written kind of like a biography almost (similar to Moby Dick) and didn’t at all feel like a piece of fiction. It felt more like a historical piece.

Overall the book was good, not to short, not to long. Not boring yet not overly thrilling. Definitely makes me now want to see one of the movies and judge it while ripping it to shreds thinking “you butchered it”, but I know why the movies were changed so much from the book, you would be bored sitting in a theater watching a direct copy of that book in movie format. You would demand your money back so quickly.

The book was a read I would recommend if you have the time, pretty sure you should find it out there on the free lists. It should help kill some time.