My god it feels like i haven’t rested in weeks. The weekend was rough. Trains were not running properly so work became a nightmare with late staff, pissed off customers and me having to start work an hour and a half early. So saturday i worked 430pm till 11pm. Woke up an hour late on Sunday so that stopped me from watching Battlestar before i went to work. Again the trains were screwing up so i drove to work, parked in the city and walked up to Work. This time working 1130-430pm. Same deal, late staff, pissed off customers.

Why can the QR staff get away with it. They have been fucking Brisbane over for 5 days now, running trains when they want to, doing things when they feel like it, and no one does anything!!! I’m so frustrated and with a week of earlies this week i have to drive in to make sure that i do make it in time to work and that costs me a fortune in parking.

But at least on friday i get a chance to take a rest with Krity’s wedding this weekend i can’t wait to relax. Also next week is the Avis Launch party. This is going to be a fantastic night. I missed last year’s party so im really gonna enjoy it this time. The theme this year is Heros and Superheros so i’m going as Patton. Thats right General George S Patton, Hero of WW2 the man who opened Europe for the Allies. I was trying to work out how i can do this in the cheapest fashion. Turns out Patton was known for never being afraid to hide who he was, so he always had 3 silver stars on the front of his helmet. This lead me on a hunt. A hunt for a helmet!! Would it be hard to find, would it look good…… could I pull it off………….. you will have to wait and find out…

Its day 5 of my 11 day week. It’s getting rough at the moment my lack of sleep is starting to kick in. At least with tommorrow night i dont start till 6pm so i can get a decent amount of sleep in the morning. 11 days working straight is harsh but i have to do it!

The only thing that is really pissing me off at the moment is the inability of control. I wish someone would just tell me what date i am starting in specialist. Just give me a fucking day already!!! I keep getting “soon” from all sources and its annoying. Soon could mean several things, days, weeks even months. I am starting to get tired of it and wondering now if i should of gone for the position in BDT as Application Support, but then knowing my luck feet would be dragged the same way as to when i could leave.

At the moment i am just sticking through it. On day 11/11 i hope it to be my final day in my current team otherwise i think im going to scream. I am however going to the Sunshine Coast next weekend for a wedding so i’ll need to look my best which means a haircut and hopefully flirting with the hairdresser i haven’t spoken to in 4 months…

Late shifts really do suck (especially when trains are running late like yesterday) but only got one more this week and then next week i’m on earlies (afaik). Probably post again on Sunday night after the first broncos game at Suncorp. Seems they may have moved me to a new bar their but i will confirm that later. I hope they haven’t because i liked my little home on level 7!

I’ve been waiting months for my christmas present from my dear free Dee from WA. I finally recieved it last week and immediately took it to get framed. It was fantastic!! I am now the proud owner of a Dee original entitled “Big Daddy.” It is a fantastic rendition of a pimp. It all stems back a few years when a couple of friends were gonna buy me this pimp hat It looked pretty sweet but it never eventuated. Back then everyone was calling me Big Daddy and it was kind of a running joke.

So low and behild when i open up the package there is a beautiful picture of a purple dressed pimp wearing that hat with the words “Big Daddy” written on it. If only i had gotten that hat so long ago! Now i just have to find a spot to put the framed picture up somewhere. When i do ill take a pic and put it up.

In other news… still havent started upstairs in specialist yet.. rumour says next week but i highly doubt that somehow!!

Anyway i have to go! gotta get to work!


I feel kinda trapped at work at the moment. I was successful in a new position at work in the Specialist team, something i had been hoping to get for quite some time. However now that i have the job i have to wait before i can start. One of my friends who also got the position started last week and she is loving it. I, however, am stuck still in my current position till i get replaced.

I feel that im trapped here and wont be free of it for a while. Don’t get me wrong i have nothing against the Travelpoint team but I have waited so long to get into Specialist and have been turned down numerous times that now that I can finally get there im stalled. Everyone thinks that it is because I dont like the position but its the opposite.

Word is that i COULD start on either the 13th or 20th of this month but at the moment i will believe it when i see it.

Anyway i have to go to work now….

Heh the weather at the moment is pretty miserable. It’s always either raining or cloudy with constant changes. Walk out the door its dry, get on the train and it rains. Rain is good dont get me wrong but serious this is annoying!!!

Even worse today i felt like my body was on autopilot and my brain is still snuggled up in bed. Traitorous brain!!! I wish it would hurry up and get to work lost the rest of my body. Last night at training was pretty rough. 14 games in 90 mins and i was stuffed!!! The 5 minute games of Zone 3 are a killer. You work 3 times as hard trying to get as many points as possible. I did get a 1st place once but rest was my qutie average scores in the middle. It is going to suck when i have to start this new position with work as i wont get a lot of chances to play Zone anymore which means i’ll need to find a new way to exercise i guess.

hrm its raining again outside work (im on lunch) guess i should go back to work and something….. NOT!

Welcome to the new look

its been a while since its been working but i promise this time i will keep it updated as much as possible!!!

Life has been up and down for quite some time now with work and trying to manage friends and a social life around it. Ive gone back to believing in a lot of the things i used to. I’m not afriad to show who i really am to people. I know now that i am now and forever will be a gamer and internet addict. I have also gone back to not hiding my passion for planes and have gotten a lot more into spotting. Photography has grown more and more a passion and of course i will update with heaps of photos as i take them.

Please keep coming back