My god my body hurts. I just got home from SEQ’s and it was good yet tough. I was with a great team of guys who even though we didnt win every game we did pretty damn well.

My body at the moment feels like it has been beaten with a stick over and over and over…. and i stink as well so i think a shower is in order. Things are going good at the moment… been working a lot so havent been able to update.

For those tracking my shave for a cure pledge donations stand at $231. Its been going a bit slow lately but should pick up soon!!!

I’m to tired to talk more today so shall talk more tommorrow.

Well i’ve finally gotten a donation!!! BOUT TIME!!!! my lovely freind Dee from Bunbury in WA has kindly donated $200… I think she wants to see me skinhead bald…

So come on guys… DONATE DONATE DONATE!!!


Ive been so lazy lately and not posting…. i dont want to be one of those people that only updates their blog like once a month if at all!!!!

Things have been pretty boring lately just work work work work and more work. I do have easter coming up tommorrow but i’m working easter saturday (yay?). I have spent a bucket load of money this week. Tuesday i had to get my car serviced so that was $260. Then i found out i was given $200 for easter and my brain has instantly gone “GET YOUR CAMERA BAG.” I’ve been drooling over this new camera bag for when im travelling. It’s a Crumpler backpack. So i went into the city yesterday and i bought it. Best bag I own. Nice and big with plenty of room but also heaps of protection for the camera. Only $290 though 😐 One thing i did notice is all of my crumpler bags bar one are pretty much the same Oatmeal and Orange Colour… maybe i just like that colour :/

It’s great to meet new people and even better when they share one of your passions. We shall see how things go but i might post about that another day when things work out a bit more…. you know who i’m talking about 😉

Work calls (sadly) so i should probably get ready…. can someone call in sick for me? Maybe tell them that my head exploded? no.. My kidneys failed.. wait to bad… My Ass exploded!… wait not serious enough….. ahh bugger it ill just go to work

I really dont get why people bag out the whole homebrand food thing. I reckon its good. As an example the Homebrand “Milk Chocolate Coated Wafers – Individually Wrapped.” Doesn’t sound outright enticing but to make it known what they really are… Kit Kats. Thats right individually wrapped fun size kit kats. They are yum to! Taste like the real thing but like 1/3 the price. I can get a bag of them for like $2. I hide a bag in my draws at work.

I just dont get why people frown on them so much. I eat a fair amount of homebrand/generic foods. Pasta, Milk, Cheese, Bread to name a few. They all taste good and cost pretty cheap (the milk is $1 a litre and is just as good as pauls).

If someone can explain to me why brand name is better than a generic made by the same company i’d love to hear your reasons….

PS im bored..

What a weekend…. totally different to how i expected it…

It started on friday. It was going to be a special day because the ladies from NSW Holidays in Sydney were coming up for the weekend. Not only were they coming up to meet everyone they were going to work with us and finally become a part of the group and meet everyone. It was good to finally meet the ladies that i’ve spoken with so much and worked with for a while now (well 3 months). It was good to finally put faces to names and voices. Finally getting to meet Megan was good because in my opinion we clicked pretty well considering never known each other but to have someone your familiar with to be emailing or talking to before you meet everyone else helps to break the tension a bit. But sadly Friday i had to work lates so while they were partying at Tin Billys (the pub near work) i was processing faxes and sitting on the consumer line.

Saturday I picked Janice up nice and early and took her down the coast to Movieworld and a weekend away of some freebies! So we enjoyed some free Movieworld entry, checked into our hotel and had a relaxing afternoon. However last night was a great night. I was lucky enough to recieve tickets to the Australian Outback Spectacular’s opening night. It was a fantastic night, i’ve never really been into Country music but last night was good. Lee Kernaghan was there for the after party along with heaps of other celebrities. It was definately a good experience. Free or not i would of enjoyed it regardless.

Today after coming back from the coast I went to a work BBQ in the city at Captain Burke Park. Most people only came with their families. I went to spend some time with the sydney ladies out of work and get to know them. I have to admit they seem like lovely ladies. All very friendly and great to talk to. It was a great chance to see them out of work and get to talk to them about reality not about work. It was funny watching them realise the discounts they can get up in Cairns. I was telling them about discounts in Cairns and how Hot Air Ballooning cost like $25 for the insurance, and i said to Megan “I told you about that one” and she said “I thought you were lying.” Seeing them realise how good it was to have the whole merger for everyone was great.

I no longer feel like there is an us and them between myself and the guys in Sydney and i hope they feel the same. I finished the weekend off by dropping Angie, Megan and her boyfriend off at the Airport. Not a bad weekend i guess. Now for hopefully a good week ahead….

Hrm im a bit hungry… maybe i’ll have some popcorn… better go look in the car for that then…

This year I have made a decision to participate in the Shave for a Cure. I am going to shave my head off. Thats right ladies and gentleman I am going to get my head shaved. Now its up to all of you to help me out with this. You have to donate to keep it going. I expect all of my friends to help me along with this. Now the big news about this though is that if the donations reach over $500 (come on i know you can do it) I will be shaving ALL of my hair off and i mean skin head bald.

Also if it goes over the $500 mark i will allow the person with the highest donation the honour of shaving it all off. Looks like my head will be shaved though by the lovely ladies at Luppinos in Stafford. It will be shaved to a no blade if the $500 mark is not reached. Please come forward and donate.

There are several ways you can donate.
1. Email me and we can arrange a cash deposit
2. See me in person and give me cash which i can give you a receipt for
3. Go to the “My Shave” page and use my shaver number of 84990 and donate with your credit card link Make sure when using the credit card system online that you donate a minimum of $5 and you enter my name as Malcolm Muir of QLD specifically or it will not work (you should get shaver number 84990 which is me). If you feel a little uneasy about using that link send me an email and i can generate an invitation directly to your email.

Done forget to sponsor me for in Early May i will have no hair!

……… email is mal at bigmal dot net for those that dont have it

So last night was the Avis Launch Party. For my first one i was very very impressed. The night was fantastic. Plenty of food, drinks and all the good looking women a man could need.

But seriously the theme was Heros and Superheros. I stupidly thought people would go more as real heros, i was wrong. I decided to go as General Patton. A total of 1.. thats right 1 person worked out who I was. I had most of the night people looking at me and laughing. I felt more like a zero than a hero.

The night did have its upsides though. I got to relax and enjoy myself, drool over all the good looking new girls…… i mean meet some of all the new people at work. As always i was there, camera in hand. All of the photos are up at the following link. A good night was had by all im pretty sure.

This morning though….. thats another story.

When i was a youngin a very long time ago.. my favourite sesame street character was cookie monster. Probably because he was just like me. We both love cookies, I can never get enough of them. Give me a box of just a simple sweet biscuit (like a cream wafer) and i will eat the whole box. I will not stop till they are gone.

So what do i do now? I bake them! I backed almost 30 cookies today from a Stephanie Alexander recipe. These are not small oreo size cookies im talking side plate size. Nice and crisp on the outside yet soft on the inside. Just the way I like them.

But it makes me think… why have I always loved to bake? What is so good about it. You have to be meticulously precise everything weighed out, temperatures correct, cooking time on the spot at times. It’s just so… annoying. I am looking forward to trying to make a “Angels Food Cake.” This is a cake that has 0 fat…. Thats right ladies NO FAT. In fact if any fat were in the cake it would be ruined!!! Its just simply egg whites and flour and sugar.

I have a recipe from one of my favourite cooking shows “Good Eats” and will have to try it out!

I must now resist the call of the cookie!

Aborted take offs, Air Pacific 747-400, Avis Budget Jetstar, Dominos Jetstar, Alliance F100 and the Qantas Q400 all in the span of 90 minutes.

So many different aircraft in such a short period of time. Yesterday was a fantastic day for spotting. I wasn’t going to go out till i found out that Air Pacific were sending in their specially painted 747-400, i thought to myself “I have to go!” So off I went camera in hand with step ladder in the other and Dad joined me as well to test out his new camera.

Spoke to Lloyd (my friend Brendan’s father, who also works in my team) while i was out there and awaited the arrival of the Air Pacific jumbo. First thing to happen was a Qantas A330 aborted take off. I thought to myself what more could happen today its turning out to be a good day. Then while the Fire engines were screaming off after the A330 everyone comes running over to the fence and I thought it was because of the fire engines and the A330 but i was wrong. Sitting in prime position in front of the spotters area was the Qantas Dash 8 Q400. I didn’t even recognise it!!! The day was continuing to improve.

Next big thing for me was I then heard that Avis Budget Jetstar was on finals to land and on Runway 19 that meant that the Avis side and I had been chasing a picture like that for months!!! The day was getting better by the minute. Next plane after avis was an Alliance F100 and i had never seen that one so another one added to the list. Finally Air Pacific arrives with 20 or so people crowded around the spotters area with cameras and watching this beauty land i heard that the Dominos Jetstar was going to leave.

After waiting what felt like a life time (prolly 10 minutes) for the Dominos Jetstar to finally taxi away from the Terminal I got some fantastic shots of this aircraft. I thought about waiting round for the Air Pacific to leave but then I just decided. Why ruin such a good day of spotting by waiting around for a while, I’ve enjoyed myself so far why ruin it.

That to me was worth the hassle of 90 minutes in the sun trying to steady myself on what felt like a flimsy step ladder.

To those that have never really seen the spotting part of me… welcome to this side of me.. it doesn’t come out often but when it does, you probably wont understand a word I said.

Thank god it is almost over!!!. At the moment i am sitting at my new desk in the Specialist team (Michelle if you read this i am on a break =p ). The guys seem like a great bunch and I am really looking forward to this.

Today is day 11/11 of these days that I have been working so hard. My brain has been full of so many different things this week with going between one team to the other and home life as well.

I would really love to be able to understand where my brain is at the moment but some how i think if i try to comprehend it, it wont work that well. I shall update more probably on Sunday after i get back from Kristie’s wedding. I am really looking forward to it and shall be a great weekend.

Off to get a hair cut this afternoon and pick up a few bits and pieces before i head off to the coast tommorrow morning. Hoping that I can also catch up with the guys at SEQ’s on Saturday night.

35 minutes to go!!!