R.I.P Fridge :(

I was going to be posting about some spotting stuff yesterday but when i woke up… my old computer, laughingly reffered to as Fridge, was D.O.A. She wouldnt boot, no nothing, seemed like the motherboard died. So i did the best thing that any decent person would do… GUT HER! I stripped out what i could salvage (hard drives and sound card mainly) and went in search of a new pc. After 5 hours of waiting and 1 of those hours fighting with the staff at Umart over some parts, i had all the parts i needed for a new pc.

Took me another 5 or so hours to get her running (plenty of fiddling with cables and the like) and she was alive…..
I had brought her to life, she was heavy, she was good looking, she had to be named… Bessie. Like any good farmer he always has a cow named bessie. Well my big fat heavy pc is now named Bessie. Shes a lovely pc, P4 3.4 HT, 1gig DDR2 Ram, 500gig HDD in total (80 & 120 IDE and a 300 SATA2). Radeon X800-GT, 550w power supply ($170 ffs!!) plus my old Audigy 2, all in a beautiful Soprano case. She’s not finished yet. Still need to get the DVD burner fixed up, buying a Cold Cathode, Fan Controller (3 big fans in the case) and something to carry her with cause shes so heavy!!

Anyway time to go to work!!!