Well, it had to happen.  At some point in my life the Patriots would have to make the Superbowl against the Seahawks.  My beloved team (ok my team, I don’t know if i would say Beloved since I haven’t followed them my entire life etc) beat the Colts last night (in a wet wet thumping) and now play against the Seahawks (who beat the packers in a pretty epic game to be honest) in 2 weeks time.  Now how do you handle a person who has been a Seahawks fan all her life, lives in Seattle, breathes Seattle and is die hard.  Well I just have to.

But this post really has a history stemming back to the start of the season, Heidi & I put down a bet that had to do with our teams.  If either of our teams make the superbowl, then that person could have a new jersey ready for the superbowl if they want.  However there was a 2nd clause.  If either person’s team won the superbowl, then the other party in the marriage had to have a jersey of that team.  This could get very interesting, as now that both of our teams are in the superbowl, 1 of us is getting 2 new jerseys, it is just going to be a matter of who gets an unwanted jersey 😉

To ensure safety and sanity in our household for the next two weeks, Heidi & I have banned all football talk, so this will be the last from me in regards to this game.  Heidi & I both want to make sure we come out of this in one whole piece and intact with sane minds.  But I know we can do it!  I am not going to spend the next two weeks throwing the patriots out there, I will be respectful (since I like my life in one piece) and I will only talk about the game unless someone approaches me about it.  That way I don’t have people saying I am the one starting stuff.

I will end with one thing.

GO PATS!!!!!!