Coming to a close

2014 is coming to a close and this year sure has turned out very different compared to the way it began. Who would have thought that this post at the beginning of 2014:

But what about my goals for 2014? Well that is pretty simple, but I am going to break it down to 3 parts this year Personal, Fitness & Travel.

My Travel goals for 2014 are:

* Return to Japan
* Visit Maho Beach
* Singapore Suites
* Lufthansa First Class

My Fitness Goals for 2014 is just one:

* Half Marathon

My Personal goals for 2014 are where what would normally been mixed into one of the other two categories I want to do this to challenge myself some more I guess. These goals are also something that I think if I put them out there it makes me more accountable. So my personal goals for 2014 are:

* Jump out of a plane
* Go on at least 1 date
* Get my weight back to pre USA levels and keep it there!

Well what I wanted to happen and what did happen are totally different things. Looking at these goals I can tell you right now I completed just two of them. I ran my first ever Half Marathon back in May in Vancouver. It was something I worked so hard to achieve and now looking back I am proud of that effort. The other would have to be that date, because obviously that happened. In fact I went on many dates with Heidi and look at how that turned out 😀 To be honest a lot of people criticized me over putting “one date” however I did point out the at least part. My original goal was really just to get out there, to stop being such a recluse. Well it worked and I can’t thank a few people more for giving me the push.

As for all the other goals. Well none of the travel ones happened. Originally the returning to japan and singapore suites would have happened, but sadly we had to cancel that. I am hoping to tick off Singapore Suites next year but that’s another story. As for LH first class, nope never happened and same with Maho. As for the other goals, well about that jumping out of a plane business….. yeah not gonna happen. The weight, well I did knock off at least 20lb but I didn’t really put any effort into it for at least 6-8 months, so that is to be expected.

My travel this year would have to be my lowest of the last several years. I didn’t fly that much at all but what I did fly was worth it. A few trips with Heidi, one for AirlineReporter and a couple of spotting trips made it fun.

Some of my favourite momentos of 2015 I might look at later in the week or after New Years Eve. I still love writing for the blog, but spending time with Heidi more and more means that I have less time to write as much drivell as I used to. But don’t worry. I can tell you that in 2015, this site will still live on.

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