Trip Report – Around the World on a Star – Conclusion

Back to reality means that I have time to reflect.  After spending 9 weeks travelling almost non stop, barely gives you time to breathe but with all the flights I still had time to chill out and had time to breathe and relax.

The trip was probably the best trip of my life so far.  I did over plan a little bit I think in some areas, yet underplanned in others.  With only one real dissapointment flight wise (damn you United for the aircraft change) everything else went off without a hitch with minimal issues (only really short delays so nothing dramatic). 

As an aviation geek this trip provided a plethora of new airlines & new airports but only 2 new aircraft (777-300ER & 737-500).  One thing I get asked a lot is who was the best.  I can’t answer that though.  There was no one standout best on this trip.  Many different things were holding each one back, what was great on one airline was crap on the other.  But I can break it down for you all as follows:

Best Seat: Three way tie – Swiss New Business, ANA Staggered Business (new business) and the New Air New Zealand Business Premier.

Best Food: ANA

Best Service: Singapore Airlines (but only the 2nd crew I had)

Best Looking Crew: Singapore Airlines tied with Swiss (although SQ crew were just sheer perfection).

This whole trip had me fly a total of 30385 Butt in Seat Miles and earned me 54970 Miles with Aegean.  In saying that I love the fact that thanks to Aegean I am now a Star Gold and hopefully I can get another program to status match me with their current promotion.

All in All I think this trip was $$ well spent and that I am now looking forward to my next trip which thanks to this trip will be using up some of the points most likely… Let the planning begin!