Hong Kong redo

Ok since my last post about Hong Kong was way to short I thought I would just give a bit of a post to add some more thoughts to it.

I did love Hong Kong. Craziness aside it was awesome! The food was great, the street food especially. I ate a number of times on Temple St (near my hotel but the big market area) and the food was great. The location may not have been the most cleanest but it was so good. I ate the staples that needed to be eaten. Hong Kong Egg Tarts, Mooncake (its that time of year), BBQ Pork, Garoupa and also some lovingly prepared dim sum.

The are a few things about Hong Kong that I would like to address though.

1. Public Transport – wow… so awesome the system is great, buses go everywhere, trains are quick and fast, the star ferry is cheap as all hell (about 40c), but there are a number of little nit pick issues. One, there is no integrated ticketing price. All the different companies charge different prices. So if you have a tourist pass for the trains, it wont work on the buses etc. Makes it a bit of a rude shock really when you dont know this or not told this!

2. Air Quality – the smog is BAD, very very bad. If you have breathing problems you are going to struggle. It also makes seeing across the harbour a bitch. It was really difficult to see things at times because the smog was so thick and just choking

3. Shopping – wow… i think this place is shoppers paradise. From markets to high end goodies, Hong Kong has it all. I managed to spend up a storm on just about everything I needed and in the end, was extremely happy with myself. Can’t believe that I had to go out and buy a new suitcase just to fit it all in because the extra bag I had with me was not big enough!

Anyway now that I am in singapore things are just as good. The food here is awesome, the variety is mind blowing. I don’t have the time or the appetite to try everything so I am just trying what I can and I have already had the staple Chicken Rice at the most famous stand in town really. Lets hope Singapore treats me well, just like Hong Kong did.