Well Hong Kong was a blast. Although I didn’t do much around town other than get lost, shop and eat, it was pretty damn successful if I must say so.

Unfortunately I don’t have much time at the moment since we will be boarding shortly and I want to at least relax a little bit before my flight and be first onboard so I can take some photos of my much awaited flight. But I will give you some of the highlights of my trip:

* Eating at the worlds largest floating restaurant
* Stumbling into a Michelen Star Restaurant and eating lunch for around $30AUD
* Enjoying a cruise on the harbour with some aussies
* Getting the Star Ferry and then working out it barely cost me 40c
* Seeing Pandas for the first time

Well it was a random time in Hong Kong. They love to shop and there are mass shopping malls. I managed to shop my way around Both islands while still keeping my back balance fairly in check really. I didn’t spend nearly as much as I thought I would and to be honest, I am pretty sure that my back balance thanks me but I am sure my credit card company is sorely dissapointed. But I did managed to get myself fitted for a new suit, custom made for less than what I thought it would cost me. Which is awesome. I had to buy a new suitcase though, the small pack down bag I bought in Portland just would not cut it with the amount of shopping I did do (a lot of gifts for people).

Pretty soon I am making my last flight off to Singapore for the final leg of this trip. I am kinda sad while excited at the same time!