Miserable Weather makes for crappy days

Heh the weather at the moment is pretty miserable. It’s always either raining or cloudy with constant changes. Walk out the door its dry, get on the train and it rains. Rain is good dont get me wrong but serious this is annoying!!!

Even worse today i felt like my body was on autopilot and my brain is still snuggled up in bed. Traitorous brain!!! I wish it would hurry up and get to work lost the rest of my body. Last night at training was pretty rough. 14 games in 90 mins and i was stuffed!!! The 5 minute games of Zone 3 are a killer. You work 3 times as hard trying to get as many points as possible. I did get a 1st place once but rest was my qutie average scores in the middle. It is going to suck when i have to start this new position with work as i wont get a lot of chances to play Zone anymore which means i’ll need to find a new way to exercise i guess.

hrm its raining again outside work (im on lunch) guess i should go back to work and something….. NOT!