Day of Firsts – Panic Attack

Day 1 – Thursday 19Apr
So i’m resting up at the moment after a long day, couple of firsts today.
* First Flight on Jetstar
* First time to Proserpine Airport
* First time in a Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB)
* First Barnacle Cut

Pretty non eventful day really. Going on the Ocean Rafting was pretty good, only a quick spring around the bay with Beer in hand. Nothing bad on the fear front only a couple of freak out points, getting into the RIB had to climb across to others and they seperated for a second and had a bit of a freak out thinking i was gonna fall in. Was a bit panicy about the reef trip on Friday, I don’t think so much anymore it is a fear of boats, but more a fear of being out in open ocean, I don’t know. Pretty tired early start on Friday. Jetstar was not to bad to fly with. Pretty hands off service, but not to bad. Proserpine Airport was pretty dodgy. Got off the ground only a few minutes late but arrived 10 minutes early but then had to wait 15 mins to get bags. Aircraft was VH-VQN which was pretty nice inside.

Official Itin
0800 – Start Work
1100 – Finsih Work
1130 – Airtrain to Airport
1255 – JQ830 to Proserpine
1435 – Arrive Proserpine – Transfer to Coral Sea Resort
1530 – Arrive Coral Sea Resort – Site Inspection
1630 – Ocean Rafting – Nibblies, Drinks, Quick tour of the bay (pretty fun doing donuts in the boats)
1830 – Transfer to Pinnacles resort for a Site Inspection and Nibbles and drinks on the Balcony of one of the rooms
2030 – Desert at the Airlie Beach Hotel
2130 – Return to Coral Sea Resort

Day 2 – Friday 20Apr

Ok well this is a live update for today not a pre written one like yesterday’s. I am pretty ashamed of myself today. I let this fear get to me and overtake me this morning. I had a panic attack before sleep last night and then this morning had a huge one. I didn’t sleep much at all last night and had not eaten properly since Wednesday. The rest of the group has gone off to the Reef and I am here in Airlie Beach. Going to go for a walk towards the water front and take some photos. See if I can find some inspiration. Otherwise I will wait till i get to Long Island tonight and take some fantastic shots of the sunset. Going to head back to Shute Harbour maybe soon and go to Whitsunday Rent a Yacht as I’m in the Cruise and Sail side and see if they can show me around a couple of boats maybe to help with my knowledge, which is pretty limited due to the fear. Anyway not much left of this internet. Gotta go.