6 Days on the Road

Tommorrow begins Day 1 of 6 On the Road for the next week.  I will be home one full day in the next week (monday).  Tommorrow after spending a whole 3 hours at work (o0o0o0o0o0o0o scary) I am flying off to the Whitsundays for work.  Part of me is thinking that I should not take the big camera, however after looking over my old Hayman photos and realising how good some of them were (not the best but damn good, example).  With this I think I can justify getting up a touch early on Sunday morning on Hayman island, going for a stroll around the Island and taking a few photos.  The only thing is camera gear is big and hefty which means my big Crumpler back pack (picture).  I love the backpack its just large and sometimes a bit of a hassle.  But I deal with it, the sacrifices you have to make for your hobbies.

Anyway here are some basic outline plans over the next few days.  I will be keeping the blog going although will probably be writing it down as I go so that I can also keep track of the hotel rooms as I go (easier than taking a brochure around… sorry work people).

Day 1: Thursday – 11am finish work > Fly to Whitsunday Coast (Proserpine) with Jetstar(*sigh*) and then a couple of activities and site inspections and Overnight Coral Sea Resort.
Day 2: Friday – Easy Day – Reef with Fantasea and Overnight Long Island.
Day 3: Saturday – Long Island to Hamilton Island > Half a Day on Hamilton > Hamilton to Hayman > Overnight Hayman
Day 4: Sunday – Hayman to Hamilton Island > Hamilton Island to Brisbane with Jetstar (*sigh*)
Day 5: Tuesday – Early morning Flight to Sydney on Qantas International Sector (YAY!) > Spotting > Chaser Taping > Overnight Menzies Hotel Sydney
Day 6: Wednesday (Anzac Day) – Dawn Service > Wreath Laying > Anzac Day March (photos probably) > Lunch with 2nd/2nd MG Bttln > Fly Home with Qantas.

Busy times coming up.  A lot of flying but I love flying anyway.  Hopefully trip to reef goes ok.  Don’t really wanna have to start panicing on the way out to the reef so I guess this will be a time to try and help with the fear, dunno if I’m going snorkelling yet either.  Shall see.

Anyway on an early shift tommorrow so should go to sleep.  If I can somehow get access to Internet somewhere I will update, otherwise I will update Sunday night when i get back.