Blast from the Past

So i was on my way to work this morning sitting at the station when i run into an old teacher of mine from high school (i have forgotten his name but from here on out we will call him Mr B). So we were chatting about stuff and he lets me know that two girls I went to high school with who i was kinda friends with are now working on tv in Malaysia. I was thinking to myself this afternoon about the old high school days and thought, well if they are anything like most australian TV celebs or shows they would have a myspace. WRONG.

Back to the drawing board. So old faithful. Into google their names go and first hit I get is the MTV Asia boards. I’m like wtf MTV. So i look into it more and apparently they are VJ’s on MTV. Reading through find a podcast and listen to the voices and it sounds very familiar and can hear the kinda voices i remember for high school. I looked everywhere for a contact email or something like that and i was dissapointed to find nothing.

So i went to the contact us part and found the public relations side of MTV Asia. I have now sent them an email to see if I can contact them and say high to some old friends from high school with their new celebrity status. So i will keep my friends up to date of what happens. lets see if BigMal can contact the DoubleTrouble.

btw their link