Just when I think things are all ready for my trip, it’s always to good to be true. God damn. So things were all good, i had everything ready to go, my new digital toys had arrived in time, I was so looking forward to it. Today I even bought myself a new backpack to go on this trip, for the last little thing to make my trip whole. But of course things don’t always go as planned.

For the the last two continents on this trip (Europe & Asia) i had used quite a number of industry rates. This was a good way to take advantage of those benefits I get for work. So I had some incredible industry rates at hotels around the world, in Paris, London, Tokyo & Hong Kong. These rates were phenomenal, and as to go with it I needed a specific kind of ID to really use it. The id is called an IATA card. My current card is due to expire in July this year, so I had arranged with the local IATA office to get a new card early. So that it was going to be able to be used while I was away. I knew it would take about 4 weeks to get it done and I had it all set to go in late may. They had told me that I would definately have the card before I left for my trip.

Well as this trip was getting closer and closer, I was getting worried as the card had not arrived. I got worried. So I tried calling the IATA office. No deal, their phones never go through, ever. So i lodged the email online. Then came through what I expected. “We are experiencing a delay in issuing our cards and the cards could take at least 4-6 weeks or more” Just freaking dandy. I went into panic mode. God damn. I had to try and work out what to do, organise a way to get the card to me maybe, or start getting alternative ID arrangements made.

To get the card sent to me is gonna cost me $50 and really complicated, but I am probably going to do it anyway if I can. But thankfully most of the hotels, after emailing them, have told me I can just show a couple of other different forms of ID with the old card (which would of expired by that time). So thankfully that is going to be all ok now. Now to just get all these extra forms of ID fixed up.

It goes to show though, don’t count your chickens till they hatch.

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