Trip Finalised – 27 Days & Counting

Ok with this trip now inside the 30 day mark and fast approaching the final touches have now been made. The last few things I needed to get booked was the trains in France, Japan and see what deals I could scam for the HEX (Heathrow Express) in London.

Well I managed to remind myself to book the trains in France earlier this week and picked up the return train fare from Paris to Bayeux for Yena & Myself for about $65 each return. Good thing was it was an extra 8 Euros each to come back in First class on the train. Now normally i wouldn’t bother with this, but considering our train is at 0845 in the morning returning to paris after 3 full on days of touring the Normandy region, I figure we can relax and chill out in comfort before smashing into some more Paris touring.

My JR Pass has been booked as well, and should be ready for me to pick up next week when I get all my contiki docs, a 14 day pass was not cheap but it had to be done as 7 days just would not cut it for a 12 day trip! The HEX tickets though, that one I am kinda proud of.

I managed to find a 33% off deal on the HEX for using an American Express Card. Considering I was going to use that anyway, hello scammage! Gotta love it when i Can get 33% off a fare and in essence travel in Style in First class on this train from the airport with free wifi onboard for less than the cost of what Economy would of cost me without the discount. Love it!

I have to head down to Cleveland next week to pick up my docs, so when I get all this, this trip will really feel like reality then. Over the last few weeks I have been buying up some stuff to help me out on this trip (I will keep it for another post over the weekend of what I have been buying) but this trip is all coming together nicely!

As for updating the blog about the trip. Expect more posts over the coming weeks, about the planning and what I am taking with me etc, I have lots to tell. This trip is really starting to sink in now, should be an amazing journey that I can’t wait to experience. I will keep a lot of the trip report to start it till a day or two before the trip itself to start the whole thing. Hopefully I can make this trip report awesome 😀

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