Book Review – Chickenhawk

I had been recommended this book time and time again for a good story on life as a Helicopter Pilot in the Vietnam war. And it did not dissapoint…


The book is Chickenhawk by Robert Mason. He was a Huey (UH-1) Pilot for the Air Cav (US 1st Cavalry Division) in the Vietnam War. This is a fantastic book following him during his training as a pilot and then for his 1 year tour of duty to Vietnam. I could not believe how vivid he is at some times, it was as though I was there with him.

Nothing was held back, stories were told exactly as you pictured them to happen and were pretty graphic at times. I didn’t really think that a lot of the pilots lived in conditions he describes, but it does make sense. Being an Air Cav pilot he would of been based closer to the front with the troops and its shocking to think that it wouldn’t be as you would of thought with hot meals and hot showers each night and a comfortable bed.

It was quite crazy to think that the sort of things that happened during the early stages of the war (1965-1966) it was a good insight to a part of the war I had not really heard or read much about. Plus anything to do with a helicopter.. I mean seriously you doubt I won’t like anything with a helicopter in it.

I thoroughly rate the book and the last paragraph is mind blowing! What a freaking change (won’t give it away of course).

Highly rate this book and I am not suprised so many other people do as well.

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