Book Review: Absurdistan

So another book completed… i seem to be destroying them lately! Plenty more where that came from (really thinking i need to get a Kindle or Tablet or similar so that these books don’t take up so much room).


The Book this time is Absurdistan by Eric Campbell. An ABC Foreign Correspondant who has spent most of his career either in China or Eastern Europe (along with a bit of time in Afghanistan & Iraq). O man was this book good. I thoroughly was engrossed in it. The tales of his time in Moscow and around Eastern Europe and Russia just made me want to visit there all the more. Along with just the crazy tales of War from the Media perspective is kinda new to me. It was an amazing book.

Very well written and comes across very light heartedly. Although at times there should be a lot more seriousness in the situations he describes, the way he writes it, gives you a sense that you can keep reading it with out being to distracted by what he is talking about, being to put off.

Considering I picked this up at borders as a free book, I don’t in any way regret it.

Coming up later this week, a whole heap of movie reviews… cause thats all i seem to be doing lately. Watching movies.