Lots of stuff to update this time.  My dearest friend Morgan has returned to the country making me a very happy chappy.  It is great to have her back not only because its good to have her close by but i missed having a decent conversation with her.  Now that she is only an hour away in Sydney it is so much easier than on the other side of the planet.

Other friend related news is Michelle F from my fantastic Contiki crew is heading downunder for New Years in Sydney.  Hopefully she can make it up to Brisbane for a day or more and we can catch up.  It would be awesome to see her again.  Speaking of Contiki I have booked my next one… well Two.  On the 30th of August 2007 I will be flying to the good old US of A.

I will be heading over to Auckland first on my trip to LA.  I will be flying with Air New Zealand and United Airlines.  While in the USA i will be doing two Contiki tours.  First will be the Grand Southern departing LA on the 1st of September.  Along the way I will visit Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Dallas, New Orleans, Orlando, Washington DC and then finally arriving into New York on the 24th of September.  On the 25th of September i start my Big Apple Explorer tour and that will take me till the 28th of September before i start my long journey home from New York’s JFK Airport.  I am hoping to get a chance to do some spotting while I’m away.  Hopefully at either JFK or LAX.

On the topic of spotting went out today to the airport and got some spotting done.  It had been a while since I had been out so needed to get out.  Wasn’t that great for shots.  About the only good thing about the day was getting a shot of the HeavyLift Belfast.  I have been chasing that beast for so long and finally got a shot.  Gave my new Tripod a work out on Saturday night by taking it up to Mt Cootha.  Been testing out shooting in RAW format and the conversion process but we will see how things go.  I want to end up entering a photo of mine into the Ekka next year but who knows if that is going to happen.

Its late im outta here.