I have been so slack lately.  I haven’t been posting much but thats because I have been LAZY!  Most of time though I have been working and what free time I have had I’ve been watching a new TV show I’m now hooked on.  Entourage.  It’s such a good show.  You should check it out.  Also lately I have been working out when to go on my next trip.  I have decided to do another Contiki Tour.  I think it will be heaps of fun.  Going to be doing the “Grand Southern” tour through the USA.  The only problem I have at the moment is when to go.

Not Sure when to go as I would love to go when it wont be so hot in the southern states like Florida etc but that means leaving it till like November.  But then I also want to go around August (can spend my birthday in Vegas).  But then it will be pretty damn hot in the southern states.. and I dont like heat.  I am not sure yet but I might wait until January to really start planning this.  Air New Zealand looks to be the cheapest flights to LA return and then adding on a one way flight from New York to LA.  If I can get the 6 weeks off from work I would love to make a few extra stops, Toronto, Edmonton, Seattle and Hawaii.  All of those stops I could do in the extra 2 weeks I would need.

Anyway time to go.  To many things to do.. Not