Rolling down the highway

For my birthday week I wanted to go for a ride on my bike before breakfast out. Originally we had planned to ride around Alki on West Seattle for something totally different and then head to IHOP afterwards for my free breakfast (yes I’m cheap & I had never been before so it seemed a good idea). However when the voucher for IHOP came in, it had to be for a specific location. That was going to be a problem as the two of them were ages apart… Woops!

To fix that Heidi & I decided to try out riding on the I90 trail. The I90 runs from downtown Seattle and runs the entire length of the USA. The I90 trail runs from Bellevue (well Factoria) across Lake Washington to Seattle. Along the way it crosses a couple of bridges, an Island & then best of all, across a floating bridge then through a tunnel. How awesome is that! The full trail is 10 miles, one way… Maybe not! So we decide to go for just part of it from Mercer Island’s trail head across the floating bridge and then through the tunnel & back again.


The ride went well for me now that my bike is fixed (after my embarrassing ride on the Interurban) and I flew across that bridge. Even though I was freaking out for part of it when on the floating bridge, thinking I was going to fall into the lake or get hit by a car, I still loved it. Heidi on the other hand didn’t have as good of a time.


Heidi’s bike had a bad day. It looks like somehow her back tire got buckled & it was making her slower than she wanted. I gave her half a tunnel head start on the way back and managed to beat her out (although it was by maybe an inch). The weather though & the scenery made it enjoyable none the less.

I want to go back & try the whole trail now, probably bus back though to make it easier on the return. Either way it was a great way to start the day… And how did it end?


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