Point Chasing…. is it a bad hobby

So after finding, what has been a favourite website of mine, www.flyertalk.com I have started to chase points more and more. Last year before I went to the USA i changed my credit card over to a points based card and I have been collecting the points ever since. Don’t get me wrong I know its something a lot of people do but hear me out.

I did something the other day that I had not done before. I churned a credit card. You may be asking what that is. Well its pretty much getting a credit card purely for the points/bonuses. The Woolworths Qantas Credit card was released with an offer of 16000 Qantas Frequent Flyer points after First purchase. So with the $89 card fee for the first year and a small purchase (no minimum cost involved) I can get a nice chunk of points. So I joined it and got accepted (although haven’t recieved anything from them officially but I can see it linked in my Everyday Rewards profile). But then yesterday I came across another deal. Join the ANZ card and they give you 20,000 points. Again a $90 fee for the first year and i can get these points. So for $180 i can pretty much get 36,000 points. This is enough for a return business class to say Sydney. But the better part is I can add these to the nice sizeable chunk I already have and these points will aim towards a nice few flights I was hoping to do when I get back from my round the world. I want to use all the points I have gotten from this trip and all those Qantas ones towards a nice trip to Hawaii maybe?

Is this a bad thing, I dunno. Could I use those $180 towards something else, sure. Is it worth the money in the long run… hopefully! will it affect my credit rating… HOPE NOT!