Adventure weekend

Well, with my new lease on life i decided to try something that normally would of scared the crap out of me. I have never really liked boats and always had a bad fear of letting things out of my control happen (rollercoasters etc).

Since i no longer have the excuse of “im to big” i cant really get out of it. So last time i saw my sister we were chatting about all the freebies i get and she told me next time i get a freebie to cairns we should go up to go rafting. I was like “whatever i wont win anything for cairns.” Two weeks later i did. So that meant i had no excuse. So we organised it for when i got back from Kokoda. Saturday rolled around and it meant time for rafting. We had both flown to cairns especially for this.

I was still a little scared, worried about falling out and smashing myself on a rock etc, especially after all those horror stories from when I was on the customer care lines of people breaking bones and stuff. Fun fun. Well I sucked it up, pushed the fears to the bottom as much as I could and off we went.

I had the BEST time. It was so much fun. I did fall out of the boat at one point coming through some rapids but i was quickly yanked back in (thanks for saving my butt ben!). The guys we went with (Raging Thunder) were all awesome and i met some awesome new people. Our boat crew were a lot of fun and I would do the trip again in an instant.

Ive put a link to some of the photos below so you can see how much fun it looks!

Tully Rafting Weekend