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Today is my birthday and I really want to thank everyone who has reached out to wish me a happy birthday and make me feel special this year. But there is one person I really want to thank, Heidi. Let me explain why.

From Life in Seattle 2014

My birthday is never really that much of a special day for me in the past (at least since moving here to the USA). I get the great gift from the US Navy (and this year the Marines… more to come in future days) and all but really, it is never that much of a big deal. Last year I got back from Oshkosh the day before my Birthday and back at work after a week off… stuff that. The year before that I was only over here for a few months, so didn’t really have a big solid group of friends at that point.

While I was back in Australia, at work any birthday was a big deal. There was cake, their was food (or in the case of my old team… sausage rolls thanks to Theresa), their was presents, their was signs and photos that would make you dread walking into the lifts of the building for fear of getting embarrassed. Over here, nothing like that at all. Sure I get the usual “Happy Birthday” verbals from people at work, but that is it. I have come to accept that the biggest difference with my life over here is that my birthday shouldn’t be that big of a deal. I am now so far from my family that I can’t really think too much about it. Until now.

From Life in Seattle 2014

Heidi has made me feel so special. Worrying about what to get me, wanting to make sure that the day is perfect. Right now she is sitting an exam and although she was studying like crazy for this last night, she still had time to worry about giving me a gift. Considering that my birthday is a few days after our 6 month anniversary (which we delayed to celebrate by a few weeks due to other conflicts) my focus is on her, not on me.

So to the one that I love the most, to the one that I want to spend so much time with ever since the day we first met. I love you babe. Thank you for making me feel so special on this day when I want to make you feel special instead. I truly love you! Seeing the photo you put on facebook this morning (which I have gone and uploaded to my site instead) just made me remember just how much I love you for who you are. You said this morning I am the most generous man in you life. I don’t even come close to your generosity, your love of life and your ability to make me feel loved.

Me & Heidi

Me & Heidi

Heidi… I love you.

Yes i know that was a sappy, mushy post… get over it you #avgeeks.

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