New Mal

So… it has been 11 months since I first started this big big journey of mine. It was not an easy first morning for me. But 11 months later I still feel sometimes like im struggling but I could never think I could do the things I do now.

In the last 11 months I have lost 85kg, managed to Run 10km non stop, Trekked 96km through some of the harshest country on earth and do it all with a smile (at times). I enjoy running now, I enjoy hiking. Things I never thought I would ever say. I really do enjoy going for a run, its a good way to switch off, concentrate on my breathing listen to my cadence (which if you have any military cadence let me know cause i need some new stuff).

It has been an amazing journey, I do not regret any decisions I have made over this time. I have made some new friends, met heaps of new people, inspired others and found a whole heap of self confidence in myself. I still feel wierd looking at myself in the mirror or in photos as its just not me.

But now reality has to set in. Now that I’ve accomplished so much and have changed my entire life I need to settle in for the next big challenge. I need to settle into a normal life routine now. So goodbye car park at work and your $450 a month pricetag. Goodbye twice a day work outs, goodbye thinking about diet diet diet. I am still going to the gym once a day but now I am working to make muscle, have fun and stay fit. I am really enjoying the program I am doing at the gym at the moment (pity it finishes next week). But its awesome none the less. I have a whole new wardrobe and life feels good.

Everyone asks me what the next goal is. I guess there isnt really a goal as such. I wanna get out over the next year or so and do the things I never thought I could really do. First on that list is white water rafting. Ive always wanted to do it, just never did. Now I can and I fly out friday! Can’t wait. There a heap of things I want to do on my next trip around the world which I will put up the list. While not a “bucket list” of sorts its more a Trip Wish list.

But now I really need to get some sleep. I have to be up at 430am!