The Journey begins

So the big adventure begins tomorrow. Tommorrow I am going to take a giant leap into the new Mal and finally do Kokoda. The scary thing is I am wondering why the hell I decided to do this. I could of taken the easy option and not done it but no, I had to go ahead and take the hard way of doing things (like usual). But my brain keeps thinking to itself. YOUR STUPID! why are you doing this. What do you think is gonna happen. Its just my brain over thinking things which usually means I panic etc

But I am determined to do this. I have had the usual pre trip problems come to light. Last year before I went away I got gastro. This time i get a cold with days to go. But as long as my ears pop.. I am sure as hell going.

Everything is bought, ready to go (packing later this arvo). But my body is all ready to go. I am going to do this… I am going to do this.

I am going to do this!!