half way to a goal

Well you have all been supporting me heaps lately and i really do appreciate it. I feel like there are a lot of people behind me with all of this stuff. So on Xmas eve (thursday) my trainer decided to take me out for a walk instead of a gym session. I thought it was a good idea until he told me how far we were going. We were aiming for 7.5k… but if time permitted… 10k… WTF

So Thursday morning I rocked up at the Gym really early and had to get ready for a long long walk. We walked all along the river from Tenneriffe to almost the story bridge and back again. I was expecting just 10k but we actually walked 11k. It was a tough thing for me however it brings me half way to my first goal. I want to be able to do a 10k run. However before i can do a 10k run i need to be able to not fall over in that distance. So i feel good that i can walk 10k at least without dying. Hell up until then i hadn’t really been doing much more than 2.5k in one session.

Since then i have done 2 days of 7.5k walks. And still several more till i go back to the gym on the 4th. The other challenge my PT set for me is a 12k walk some time during the xmas break. So I am going to do this on the morning on NYE. So if anyone wants to come help me get through this i would love the company. Walking on my own is BOOOOOOOOOORING!.

So if your interested send me a message, probably going to walk early morning on the 31st along the Kedron Brook Bikeway. Please come help support me, you dont need to walk, you can run, jog, ride or skate hell, you can walk on your hands if you want. But i just want some company.