my first hurdle

well… i have finally come to my first hurdle. It just happens to be about something that is close to me. Food.

So i saw a nutritionist on friday and she is pretty cool (she actually works with “The Biggest Loser”) but the thing is, I am starting to feel really restricted in what I can and can’t eat. I know i hear people say it all the time “but its good for you” but the thing is, it feels like im giving up so much to do this.

I know i need to eat better etc and i need to change the way I eat, but do i really need to give up the foods that I love. Im not talking chocolate or anything like that? but surely i can make a pizza out of this because that would seriously make me happy right about now? maybe ill look into it and come out successful somehow!. I dunno!

I do enjoy some of the foods that i have been able to eat, but seriously, its like the same thing over and over again. I am really starting to get bored and for me thats not a good thing!

If anyone has any REALLY healthy recipes please email them to me… i am desperate!