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Well since I have a new Breakfast partner in crime, a number of these reviews will pop up in the future. Again as before I don’t want to make this a breakfast review site, but hell, it’s always a little bit fun to show others how awesome some places are.

First off the Rank is The Commons in Woodinville. Run by the Heavy Restaurant Group who also run Barrio (Where I had my birthday brunch last year) it is their newest outpost and is luckily only 10 minutes or so from my house. Loved being able to be at a new breakfast option without having to go downtown. Thankfully I had made a reservation with the HRG twitter team earlier in the week as when we arrived there was a lovely long line waiting for a table #win.

From Life in Seattle 2014
From Life in Seattle 2014

It had a very old school country kitchen feel to it and I kinda liked it. The dominating point to me was the big table of baked goods just inside the door. Covered in Baked goodies like scones, muffins, cookies & other such awesomeness, I couldn’t wait to get stuck into one of these:

From Life in Seattle 2014

We were sat within 5 minutes or so and the first thing on both our minds was coffee which was promptly brought out by the lovely waitress who we shortly ordered with and after asking for the cinnamon roll to share with extra frosting, we got approving looks. That soon landed on our table, all warm and gooey and yummy, we attempted to cut it but failed when the cream cheese frosting went everywhere. Instead we just started to get stuck into it when our meals arrived.

From Life in Seattle 2014

Heidi ordered the Pork Belly Biscuit & I went with the Granola (I was wanting something fairly crunchy for once) and both were good. The Granola was to die for and the berries that came with it were devine. Heidi’s biscuit was good but even better with the addition of some of the Barrio Hot Sauce they provide.

From Life in Seattle 2014

We both agreed the place was the bomb and definately good value. Add on the service which was fantastic (even when they forgot about our potatoes) I can’t fault the place! Definately want to go back!

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