Football Fever

Today is Superbowl Sunday and I get to go to my first real Superbowl party and I am pretty excited. Although my team did not make it into the Superbowl (sadly) the atmosphere here in Seattle has been pretty amazing. So much so that everywhere you go here in Seattle right now, it is Seahawks everywhere. One thing you need to understand is that the Seahawks fans think of themselves as the 12th player, also known as the “12th Man”. Everywhere you go right now it is 12th Man everything…. Exhibit A:

From Life in Seattle 2014

Boeing even got into the superbowl fever and made their own Seahawks livery, also known as the “12th Plane”. It looks pretty awesome!

From Life in Seattle 2014

Future of Flight got into the act yesterday and had a rally up on the Stratodeck and it was pretty awesome to see everyone up there. The crowds didn’t seem to mind the cold at all, but the blue sky was amazing. I did manage to get a photo right before I got suckered into holding a ladder for someone:

From Life in Seattle 2014

All in all Seattle has been pretty fun the last couple of weeks, I am looking forward to the game today and meeting some true Seahawks fans. While a lot of my friends get fully into the game today, for me it is going to be more about relaxing and soaking in the atmosphere. Weird american food traditions, lots of football and some velveeta (its cheese apparently), sounds like a good idea to me. Who know’s maybe I might even go for the Seahawks….

Go Hawks?

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