The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday

So… its now been 2 weeks since ive started at the Gym. last tuesday was my first session. Things are totally different with me. My outlook on life has changed, ive started eating right and started to try and be a better person all around. Over the last two weeks i have had to slowly let out information about what I am doing etc as people are going to start to notice changes in me. So I have started a new category called “New Mal” and I have decided to not protect this.

I can’t hide this all now, everyone needs to see it. So with that in mind i can give you some updates on what I have been doing at the Gym. I have been working with a Personal Trainer for 2 weeks now. 5 Days a week. Its been hard but then so is life. So i have started to keep a little mantra in my life. “The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday” I came across this mantra a few years ago while reading a book about Navy Seal Training. They get put through hell and this is drilled into them that the only easy day in life was yesterday. You go into every day knowing that there will be challenges ahead and you do it without knowing what is going to happen. All you know is that it will be hard but you can get through it.

So with my new mantra in life i push forward with it. I do everything the trainers ask. I feel like a cop out if i don’t. I feel like im letting myself down. I have always been my strongest critic and I am sure this will never change. To give you an idea of what the trainers have been doing with me I do weights twice a week along with cardio every day. I have been doing double daily sessions of exercise so I will go to the gym of a morning (on weekends its more time on the treadmill at home or a walk around the neighbourhood). In the evenings it is treadmill time at home. I have been doing 2k sessions every day lately and been pushing the time down and down each time. Tonight I started 2.5k on the treadmill with a nice time of 33:30 to get myself started. My fastest 2k walk so far was this morning on the Boardwalk at Tenneriffe. 21:42. The trainers are awesomely proud that i have committed myself to this and been working super hard.

So many people at work have also been telling me they are proud of what I hav been doing and what is going to change in my life, and i have never really thought that so many people cared. I am really pleased that they do, it means a lot!

So with this i also give you that tommorrow night, the Work xmas party will probably be my last drinks for quite some time. I am not sure if I will ever take drinking back up (if i do it wont be to the same level I was before). So tommorrow night, I will have a few drinks for the last time for who knows how long.