Trip Report: Adventuring to AirVenture – OshKosh Day 1

Wow… If you have ever seen a guy with his jaw on the floor, that was me yesterday.  It was my first experience at OshKosh and I was just stunned.  The trip report will have a full run down of the mornings happenings (and it wasn’t good but it was eventful) and I got to the show around about 1:30pm ish.

Sunday for me was not going to be a full on day, it was meant to be a quiet, get myself orientated morning where I could get myself situated and scope out where stuff was so that Monday morning I could hit the ground running.  Well that was the smartest idea ever.  When I walked through the gates my jaw dropped.  My god how huge is this place.  Describing it in words is tough, the easiest is “imagine a sea of aircraft as far as the horizon, turn around and picture the same thing.”  That is OshKosh.

I got a basic tour of the place by one of the guys from EAA (thanks Brady) and it was a great way for me to figure out where to go and what to see.  I have my ideas in place of what I need to see and who I need to speak to as well.  By the time I got out of there around 4ish my head was swimming.  I still don’t know how it is going to happen all week but this is going to be pure overload this week I just know it.

I finished off the night by getting myself set up at the hotel and just getting my bearings on the small town that is Fond Du Luc.  It is a half decent base and it seems a lot of the guys from EAA are going to be here as well.  So far I know that Shell Aviation is staying here and some other exhibitors as well.  Good hotel choice!  Plus I found the best ice cream in town just a couple miles down the road 😉

Today is going to be my first real day at the show and things are bound to be just as crazy!

Current Location: Country Inn & Suites – Fond Du Luc, Wisconsin