Trip Report: Down Under in a Flash – Conclusion

Well I have been back for about 2 weeks now, and the trip looking back was damn crazy. I can’t believe I almost missed the wedding ceremony. I mean seriously, the whole reason for going to Australia and I come so close to missing it. That would of been shame that I could not of lived with at all!

Lets look at some of the things in the trip though the good and the bad.

Bad – Long Haul Economy. It’s never good, it always sucks but this flight with VA wasn’t their best but it wasn’t the worst flight I have ever had either. It was “so so”, not really worth talking much about.
Bad – Qantas First Class Suite Windows – My one and only complaint about that Qantas flight was the fact I couldn’t see out the window cause the seat is so far away from the window. I mean seriously if thats the worst thing about an experience like that….. damn!
Bad – Rydges Capital Hill Canberra – Service failures across the board… way to go Rydges.. not going back thats for sure!
Good – Chrysler 300C – Love this car… enough said.
Good Yet Bad – Radisson LAX – They always seem to come through on the upgrades but then they always have failures of some kind. This time it was the bed (though in the times I have stayed there the bed has never worked anyway)
Good – Langham Melbourne – Absolutely Loved this hotel, definately staying at Langhams when I can afford it!
Good – Qantas First Class…. i <3 it. I want to do it again... right now... please! This trip was worth every cent (though I didn't pay for the flight down), the hard earned points (140,000) and the $350 in Fuel surcharges were totally worth it. I still have a bucket load of Qantas points so now that I have that dream flight done, where to look next? I should of earned a good portion of points on this trip from Virgin, however for some reason I am still chasing the Virgin America points. Freaking stupid that I have to do retro claims, it is always the same with Virgin America. Virgin Australia domestic points posted practically the same day, however the long haul flight took almost 3 weeks! Totally not cool Virgin Australia! But all in all I did manage to get my 4 minimum segments, so I am a gold for another 12 months 😀 All in all I spent an ungodly amount of time in the air, almost 18000 miles travelled, for 4 nights back home in Aus, 3-5 hours with my folks, getting to see my friends and family. Was it worth it? Hell yes!

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