Today was the Registration for the Marine Corp Marathon 10K and I made it in! I was a little worried as the full marathon sold out in a matter of hours. So I wanted to make sure I got in quickly as I have always wanted to do the MCM for some reason. Not the full Marathon as I definately couldn’t run that length!

The MCM is run around the streets of Washington DC and it has been a number of years since I have been back there but the biggest drawcard of this run is it finishes at the Marine Corp Memorial:

From USA 2007

An iconic statue in DC (technically Arlington Virginia) I am looking forward at getting back there and running around a city that I do enjoy visiting.

One thing I have to mention though at the moment. Boston. What happened at the Boston marathon was shocking, it was disgusting and it is sad that people have been injured and killed. Thankfully of the people I knew who were there for it, all were uninjured and made it out actually before the bombs went off.

I know that what happened won’t change the way I run or think about running in big events like that and to be honest it wouldn’t scare me off the bigger runs, it makes me want to run them even more. So with the MCM I now have 2 runs on the drawcard for 2013 with also my triathlon in September. 1 more local one to go with… but which one…

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