Back in the Saddle

This morning I got myself back in the Saddle, the bike saddle that is. I feel it in my legs right now but I just needed something different after all the running I have been doing lately. Bootcamp was cancelled (meaning that my total bootcamp sessions for March came to 1, go failure!) so after thinking to myself “I can’t be assed running” and thinking that I needed to still do something and not cop out. I pondered an exercise bike in the gym but with the perfect blue sky outside, I just had to get back out there.

The blue sky outside just made it seem all so much better but it was still pretty cold and without all my riding gear (still no bike shorts, gloves etc) I just sucked it up. My hands may have gone frozen but meh I will live (turns out I had actually shoved my running gloves in my pocket, I didn’t realise this till AFTER my ride.. #fail). It was good though to get back onto the bike. I was a bit shaky to start with and I hadn’t ever rode around this area so it was different to my normal routine. I wasn’t pushing myself all that hard really because I knew that I was exploring more than anything.

The ride was good as you can see

With my usual 10k smashed in not to bad of a time so that was a good bit. But now my calves feel it, but at least my knees arent to bad. But the bike goes back in the Storage area now, till I get back from Aus in 2 weeks. That trip (which I will post more about tomorrow) is coming up FAST. And I can’t WAIT!

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