Breakfast Chronicles: Brown Bag

This will be the first of a few posts spanning a couple of months I an terming “The Breakfast Chronicles”.

My friend Yena surprised me a month or so back with a fantastic gift, shes coming to visit. Back home in Aus we had a little tradition of trying to outdo each other with amazing breakfast locales. Well I promised her the best breakfast in Seattle when she comes ti visit. So between now and August, time for “research”. I’ve already visited a few pretty great breakfast spots like Patty’s Egg Nest, Randys, Beth’s Cafe, Skillet Diner & The Maltby Cafe. There was one place that I had heard great things about though, Brown Bag Cafe.

From Seattle Life 2013

The cafe is located in Kirkland just off the 405 (eaiser to access coming from the south, north requires a but of detouring). The cafe looks like tiyr generic Dennys/pizza hut style building from the outside. Inside is definitely a little bit more homely.

From Seattle Life 2013

I got here and there was no wait, however as I was leaving (around 10am on a Sunday) the rush had hit and there was about a half hour wait for tables. Definitely come early if you dont like to wait. No counter though if you like that kind of thing (i do).

Big portions are the norm at some of these traditional diner style so be prepared for that. Come with an appetite! I was having a mini celebration of my own so made sure I ran first thing this morning.

From Seattle Life 2013

More known for their baked goods and their home baked breads I was more in a pancake mood and the Banana Pecan pancakes were just what I wanted, went with a “Full Stack” which I thought would be 4 pancakes. It was only 3 (which is how many i wanted anyway).

From Seattle Life 2013

The service was slow but the food not to bad. Took a good half hour or more for my pancakes to come out but that I guess isn’t to bad. Gave me plenty of time to write a few emails etc. The pancakes were big but bot overly huge. They were ‘plate’ size but not pizza pan size like at Randys. The short stack of 2 probably would of been better in hindsight.

From Seattle Life 2013

When they first came out I saw the garnish of bananas on top and thought “is that it?” I didn’t realise until I was a few bites in that there was a goof amount of banana and pecans in the pancakes themselves.  Pretty good amount actually.

From Seattle Life 2013

Price wasn’t bad with a scoop of ice cream to go with my pancakes (i like ice cream with sweet pancakes not butter/cream), coffee and tip & tax came out to $20 and for the amount of food, worth it. I saw other plates come out and it all looked good.

Food was good, service slow, atmosphere ok, not a bad option, but I would probably go to Maltby first over Brown Bag.

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