Looking Back, Looking Forward

A year ago today (well almost.. give or take a time zone) I had an appointment with the US Consulate in Sydney. A Morning interview that would make me as nervous as all hell, caused adventures but in the end got me where I am today. That was the day that my Visa application was approved and that I got to finally make the move over here to the USA a reality. Up until that day a year ago it was all not real. After that moment. Everything was real, there was no going back.

Well a lot has changed since a year ago, I am over here now, I have a new life, a new way of doing things, new friends, new truck!. This is a life and a decision I do not regret in anyway (no matter how much I complain about the cold). That day a year ago in Sydney was the decision that changed my life for the better.

Now looking forward as I have a year left on this visa, I am changing a few things on the blog. Updating it to a new look to fit in with a new me. Eventually I will try and update that logo up there and fix things up a bit, make the blog stand out. I don’t want to move this blog to much away from what it has always been about. Me. My life, just enjoying the way I want to do things and writing down the mindless drivel that i think about.

So stay tuned, look forward with me as I work my way into a 2nd year here in the USA. A time where I will need to work out ways to keep me around, cause I hate to say it Australia…. I don’t want to go home.

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