Hot & Sweaty

Tonight was a first for me in 2 ways. Firstly i stepped out of my comfort zone and decided to do yoga, something i always criticized saying it waa just an hour or so of stretching. Secondly for my first ever yoga experience I went for hot yoga, which according to my trainer is the hardest their is.

It all started when my trainer suggested that instead of a bootcamp session we could all go to the Ashram Hot Yoga in Kirkland. 2 sessions $10 what do I have to lose? To be honest I have always been skeptical about yoga. So many people swear by it. I always said it waa just stretching for an hour and it allows people to think it was a work out.

Hot Yoga takes that stretching and you do it in a sauna pretty much. Sounds easy right? Not for me! Since i have no balance at all well this was going to be interesting. The heat was not a problem, I felt like I was back in Qatar, with the heat, the warmth, o so good! Even though I probably sweated like never before the heat was not an issue. It was something I could dream of any time it drops below zero (Celsius that is).

The moves and everything was my downfall I had no coordination, no idea what I was doing at all and at times just kind of tried to keep up. With only 2 stops when I was out of breath I thought I did pretty well consideringy flexibility needs work.

Am I going to do it again? Sure. I think it might work better for me doing hot yoga over a massage (which I don’t often get because they never do me any good or so I think) when I need that stretch my muscles need.

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