Celebrating Australia Day… in America

Well it was Australia Day on Saturday as just about all my aussie friends know. But I wanted to still celebrate Australia Day (or at least pretend to) and have a good time with my friends. But where should my friends take me on Australia Day:

Yeah that’s right. The Outback Steakhouse. Pretty much a themed restaurant (which is ever so popular over here) to be like eating the aussie way. Lots of “throw another shrimp on the barbie”, bad Aussie puns were to be expected.

Lets look at some of the examples of just how bad it gets:

Ummm a what now? Rather than an appetizer (or entree to you Aussies) it’s an “Aussie-tizer”

The number one cocktail in the whole place, is a butchered take on “I’ll be Darned” and it’s not even remotely Australian. A modified peach bellini (which is kind of italian i think) is far from an Australian drink. Speaking of drinks, Fosters is served…. *blergh*

It’s the “Bloomin Onion” the number one thing on the menu and pretty much what Outback Steakhouse is famous for. Its essentially a deep fried onion. While pretty tasty, far from Aussie.

And of course this is a play on that famous Aussie Strip Tease act… I give you “Chocolate Thunder from Down Under”. That was essentially a brownie with Ice Cream (note the little boomerangs on the plate).

Now the food wasn’t bad at all. Very American but still not bad at all, pretty reasonably priced and I came out for about $25 (even after the stuff ups by the staff). I had a good time with my friends, enjoyed the day and spent a heap of time just chatting and having fun. Would I go back again? Probably not!


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