Aviation Geek Fest 2013

Well it is time to get the Avgeek side of me in gear and tell the world about an event that is happening here in Seattle in just a few weeks time. Aviation Geek Fest is run by my friends David from Airlinereporter.com and Sandy from Future of Flight. Along with the folks at Boeing and heaps of other Avgeek peeps here in Seattle they are throwing what is essentially an all out weekend of awesomeness.

All the details are here:


But the basic gist of the weekend is this:

Saturday Afternoon – Boeing Renton Factory Tour
Sunday – Dreamliner Gallery Tour, Boeing Everett VIP Factory Floor Tour, Geekfest Party at Future of Flight

Boeing Everett Factory Floor tour? Sign me up! I missed out during the Qatar 787 festivities as I was on my way back from Vegas. So I am so doing this! Then add on the fact that the Renton factory is ONLY open for invitation only and hardly ever sees the public inside. Even more win! I haven’t been to the Dreamliner Gallery so it’s a weekend that I just want to do so badly, yet I have to wait 🙁

Now yes it does come with a price but that price is very little $20 for each day at the Boeing Tours plus $5 for the Dreamliner Gallery. But that is really nothing considering a standard factory tour at Everett is $20 and you don’t get being treated like a VIP! Either way this should be an awesome fun filled weekend. For part of the morning on Saturday, I am volunteering my services at the Museum of Flight (possibly might even be volunteering at Future of Flight in the not to distant future) but I am still going and I don’t mind that i have to pay $45 for a weekend full of fun avgeek stuff.

What is even more fantastic in my opinion is the fact I get to see a lot of my good friends. So far one is flying up from LAX, another might be coming down from Vancouver, I don’t know who else might show up from out of town but I am looking forward to it. My living room floor might get severely crowded at this rate!

Tickets go on sale at 11am tomorrow (Saturday 26th). I will have to take a few minutes away from my Australia Day celebrations and grab my tickets (yes even I have to pay) but so looking forward to it 😀

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