2012 Looking Back – Goals & Moments

Each year I try to set myself some goals to achieve in 2012 and this year was no different. I set one goal, tick off as many things on my bucket list as possible. Here is what I managed to complete: * Fly a Plane * Cook a Meal for the people in my life who i cherish the most * Move out of home * Run on an Airport runway * Take a Shower, Mid Flight * Get a flight in a War Bird – Double points if its a B17 (ended up with a B17) I also really got stuck into this one: * Read “The Clasics” So that's not bad in my opinion for the last 12 months. Moving over here to the USA was a big achievement for me and that was one of my biggest moments in 2012. I did have some pretty amazing other moments as well when looking back, things that aren't worthy of a bucket list item but still awesome none the less. * I took my first ever real mileage run and that took me from Brisbane to Mackay & Rockhampton via Sydney and Brisbane again. Along with another one to Canbera via Sydney & Melbourne. * Bought my truck after moving over here, a dream I have had for quite some time * I flew down and did some spotting at LAX just for the hell of it on two seperate occasions, along with another one north to Vancouver just for spotting. * Traveled all the way out to Ohio to see one specific Aircraft the XB-70 and then also getting a chance to touch the YF-12 at the same time. * Visited my first real US Air Show and got to see a B2 and then an F-22 Raptor at another show. * Saw both the Blue Angels & the Thunderbirds on seperate occasions * Stepped foot on my first 787 * Saw my first 747-8 take off and was as giddy as a school girl * Started doing a bit more blogging and photography on the side * Got me a Kitchenaid Stand Mixer (sad yes I know but I love it!) * Got to see a Patriots football game So much else has happened in the last 12 months but to be honest, you probably don't care.. but one thing I have enjoyed over the last 12 months has just been the challenges and how I have managed to work through them in the last 12 months. No matter what curve ball was thrown at me, I took it in stride and kept on going. It has been a great year looking back at all the things I have done and places I have visited, people I have met and things I have done. Next year brings a whole new set of challenges and goals. Looking forward to it!

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