What a week!

The run up to Christmas is always shocking at work but this week has just been crazy in life in general, adding to the madness of work. I posted earlier in the week about my weekend full of cooking and the 2nd update to the christmas cooking will be coming next week but with more planning and investigation there is now more to be cooked πŸ˜‰

The craziest part of this week has been the temperatures up here in Seattle. Today marks the official start of Winter here in Washington state (apparently). It is also the Winter Equinox and also apparently the day the world is due to end (but I am still here so go suck it mayans). The temperature has now plummeted. I have struggled all this week with dealing with the temperatures. Monday it was raining and freezing cold, so that meant moving the run into the gym, no big deal but I feel like a Hamster on a wheel sometimes. Tuesday brought with it the first impending snow. It was meant to come down just north of my place in Everett.

It did snow Tuesday morning but none around me and it was no rain so out I went into the cold weather either way, I needed it! Seeing cars driving past with all the snow piled up on top was surreal and some guy in Shoreline (another suburb not to far from me) was out running in the snow. Instantly that was like “OMG that would be me if it was snowing here”. Plenty of stories on the news about roads and cars going everywhere, crashes etc. This was going to be interesting!

Wednesday it really did snow at my place! I walked outside to falling really light snow, I ran as fast as I could to the gym for my workout (since I don’t usually run on Wednesdays) and by the time I came out, the snow had turned to Rain and it was pretty much all gone πŸ™ so no photos. Thursday, no snow, but plenty of rain in the morning but it had ended by the time work had finished, hell there was even Blue Sky before sunset (at like 4:30pm) πŸ™ But this morning it was Ice. My first real morning of dealing with ice as I had to get out and run in the cold (I couldn’t do another day inside) and it was crazy. The first half a kilometre was a bit slippery so it was super slow and a few times I almost fell over! The drive to the park and ride this morning had a bit of a fishtail to begin with in the truck, but 4WD and traction control fixed that and I made it safely to the car park where I slowly walked across it πŸ˜‰

I wonder what this weekend will bring now that its officially winter and its barely getting above single digit degrees C. Kinda wish I was home and it was like 30c and warm and blue sky. Guess I will just have to cope with the occasional bit of blue sky we get here like this afternoon. It may have been blue sky outside but it sure as hell was not warm!

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