Back on Track

So the aftermath of my Qatar & Vegas trips has now become apparent, I put on a bit of weight. This was to be expected I mean I indulged pretty heavily. There was some really awesome meals that I just had to have and I wanted to experience as much of the new foods and experiences that I could while I was away.

But now that I have been back a week and add on a little bit of a kick from Thanksgiving (not much but I did have some pumpkin pie albeit Vegan) the full effect has kicked in. I ended up stacking on about 8 pounds over 2 weeks. That is a bit to much! 1 – 3 pounds I would be ok with and I could deal with that with an extra run or just watching what I eat a bit more during the week. Nope I stacked on 8 pounds. BAD MAL!

So I go back to the tried and true method of lots of exercise and cutting back to my diet regime. I did this for so long that it is second nature to me now. But pretty much I drop a snack (i usually have 3 snacks) and then I also cut back on the amounts at main meal times. Cutting back on what I would normally eat from maintenance levels to reduction levels is a bit rough at times but I make do, I also make sure I run each and every day and get a bootcamp where I can (I want to go tonight but it depends on the bus outcomes as they are ALWAYS late).

Pretty much now that I have been able to effectively manage my weight for a while now, I know I can handle this and I just suck it up and deal with it. But it makes it tough when I was intending on tapering off after this trip and making sure that I was taking it a bit easy between now and the end of the year to recuperate a bit, but that will have to wait. I am sure that I will need to do this again after Christmas as well but first things first, getting my weight back under control.

Today is day 2 of Weight Control (I won’t call it a diet cause it isn’t) really a diet. But we shall see how it all pans out in the long run. If I can get it back under control for most of this week, awesome, but I don’t expect to lose that much in one week, at least half maybe!

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