Turkey Day

Happy Thanksgiving Y’all!

Yeah thats very american of me but its a day that you need to be “American”. Today is a day for being thankful and grateful for everything we have, spending time with family (if possible) and just enjoying yourself with the traditional things for this time of year, Pumpkin, Turkey, Football & Parades. But is that really the true meaning of it all? Probably not, but to be honest that is how it seems.

A sure fire thing though, today is a big day for everyone over here. Most things are shut in preparation for Black Friday tomorrow (biggest shopping day of the year, so I am soooo avoiding it), everyone is wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving (who says americans are not friendly) and its celebration time everywhere. With a lot of people spending their time with their family, it kind of sucks that mine is on the other side of the world, but it’s a little bit easier when it isnt really a holiday I have celebrated before. I think Christmas will be tougher.

The hardest thing about today though for me is, What to eat. I have some roast Turkey leftover from last night, maybe some lovely pumpkin soup (will keep the pie for Saturday night I think to cap off a truly busy week). I will take it easy after the last couple of weeks of indulging while on my trip (I don’t feel right calling it a holiday), so will keep it all on the down low.

Pretty much I want to take this time right now to say Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends, happy holidays. But I also want to say that I am thankful for the opportunities I have had (especially as of late) and that I am thankful for the friends I have over here in the USA, along with the friends and family I have spread over the world. I truly miss all of my friends back home, and miss my family, but those are the choices I made and I have no regrets for making those decisions.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving

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