Yesterday (if you want to call it yesterday as it was partially Saturday Pacific Time) I spent approximately 36 hours awake and flew almost 11000 miles home to Seattle.

I got home at 115am this morning was asleep by 130 and up after 4 hours sleep. The only 4 hours in 2 days really. I am barely awake right now.

Words can not describe just how awesome my trip to Qatar was. Meeting the people I did, seeing and doing things I never thought I would get a chance to do. Crazy times!

Right now if you were to look at my place it would look like a bomb went off. I haven’t really unpacked or anything. Just taken out the stuff I needed like toothbrush, running gear, laptop. After doing some food shopping tonight I should get that finished, the laundry can wait till tomorrow.

Hoping to get some of my photos from Qatar up before the end of the week, some will take some time due to getting a giant dust mark on my camera sensor.

I am trying hard to keep my eyes open but the torrential rain isn’t helping. I left heat and blue sky and knew I’d be coming back to Grey and rain just not this level of rain. Right now I’m drenched head to foot.  O well no point in getting dry yet!

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