Learning to Layer

So the temperature here in Seattle has REALLY dropped lately. This is my first real introduction to the Northern winter. I mean seriously i am cold (sorry Ross it had to be said). It has been getting down to Single Digits (celsius) lately in the evening and not going all that high during the day.

I am still running each morning and with the cold cold weather it has been tough to get started but I am managing. I have had to change the way i get kitted out in the morning as well. Where as back home in Aus my usual running attire was shorts, and a tshirt (maybe occasionally a long sleeve if i felt like it) and compressions on the coldest of cold, over here, that just wont cut it. If I wore that i would be FROZEN! I am running in Gloves, Tshirt & Jumper (or long sleeve shirt), Compressions (short or long whatever is clean really), plus either a hat or a beanie. If i have long sleeps plus long compressions, and the beenie and gloves I look like i am heading out to the snow. But to be honest the first half a km I am cold but after that I am warmer than warm.

It is tough though adjusting. I kind of have had to learn to layer my clothes. Back home I used to just wear a jacket and shirt or tshirt during the day and that kept me warm. Over here that same jacket wouldn’t even be any good. So i have a thicker jacket, even that isn’t helping. I struggled for a bit but then my friends kept telling me I need to start layering.

Layering over here involves at least a waterproof jacket on the top, cause yes it rains in Seattle (shut up, i dont want to hear all the silly “it always rains in seattle” jokes). Then the base layer will be whatever I am wearing that day be it work clothes or normal clothes. In between that at the moment is depending what i am doing. If its a weekend its a hoodie, I have a couple of fairly warm fleece hoodies. If its a work day its a “sweater” (can’t call it a jumper) or a sweater vest. This keeps me warm… at times. Gloves do have to be worn though and even then I still struggle some days. But the gloves mean I can’t work my cell (mobile) phone and yeah that can be a hassle but im coping! On top of all of this, on some days I also need to add a scarf. I feel weighed down but its either that or I freeze.

It is a bit of a struggle to comprehend all of it some days, considering that I look at facebook and see people complain about the heat, and this is the temperatures now, It’s only going to get worse. Talking into the NEGATIVES! Dear god….