Truckin It

The truck did awesomely over the weekend and it handled the drive north with ease!. Had a fantastic time in Vancouver, catching up with my mate Leighton and just enjoying it, even though it was freezing cold and absolutely positively wet (at times).

I went for a run around the city on Saturday morning on what will now be termed the “Macgyver Route” as it goes past a whole heap of Macgyver Locations and ends up back at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver right after a climb up of like 45 steps. It was a fantastic route and to top it all off, managed to knock a good 5 seconds off my best 5km run time. 27:55 is my new PB (that i can find anyway) and makes it all the more worth it (even though I kind of piked out on my run this morning and ditched the last mile for a 2 mile ride instead)

The rest of Saturday was filled with plane spotting, random walking around the city at night with Ross as I introduced him to Japadog and then we both went in search of what was reputed to be the best Gelati in all of Vancouver (and to be honest their Pumpkin Pie Gelati was pretty damn amazing) and also walking into a movie being taped on a wet, Vancouver saturday night. It was a pretty damn awesome Saturday night. Sunday was pretty easy as well, just a late wake up, hitting the road nice and late morningish to try and avoid the queues at the border (still took a good 45 mins) and then we did a bit of Outlet shopping before heading back home and getting home around 3ish (where i spent the rest of the afternoon doing all my normal Sunday morning chores, just condensed into less than 2 hours, something that normally takes me 4 or 5 hours).

I had a great time almost getting the truck to the 3000 mile mark, trying to drink my body weight in Tim Hortons coffee before recrossing the border and getting grilled by both Canadian and US Immigration (as usual) all in all a good road trip if you ask me!

Vancouver Road Trip