i am so not drinking that much again…

o who am i kidding, of course i will!!! Friday night was the big Avis party. Always such a good night, although this year not as big as previous years but it was fun to get dressed up for no reason at all!! This year it was a Red Party and being that I am who I am and prefer to be a bit different, I went as a Red Neck. Thankfully Sarah decided to come along as a Redneck with me, we was Redneck Cousins!!

It was a good night, I am pretty sure i drank a little to much (ok a LOT to much) cause i was pretty sick but i sucked it up and went to work yesterday still. That was the hardest struggle was going to work the next day!!! o how much trouble i would be in if i didnt go to work… but i sucked it up!

here be the photos!!

Avis Party 2009